We look for businesses with potential in high growth sectors

We typically invest in companies with a strong management team and products or services in niche segments, strong brands, or other strategic advantages that facilitate aggressive growth and regional expansion. Our investment decision is also based on the exit strategy we commonly agree with the company’s owners and we invest only if our interests are aligned.

We don’t just sit on the sidelines, we get in the trenches with you, because we’re the kind of people that really know what it takes to run a business. We partner with entrepreneurs who believe in their business, its transformative force for society and want to unveil growth at the next step in their journey.

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Investment Plans


After 1 Day

  • Deposit Range: $10~$100000
  • Opportunity to reinvest.
  • Principal Included
  • 5% Referral Commission

After 3 Days

  • Deposit Range: $300~$100000
  • Opportunity to reinvest.
  • Principal Included
  • 5% Referral Commission

After 5 Days

  • Deposit Range: $2000~$100000
  • Opportunity to reinvest.
  • Principal Included
  • 5% Referral Commission

We believe in partnerships

We are passionate about teamwork and operate in a highly transparent environment. To maintain the right balance between personal motivation and collaboration, our compensation is based on an individual’s contribution to their sector team as well as to the final portfolio.

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Investment Strategy

We look for businesses in high growth sectors such as consumer, niche healthcare, forex trading, technology, cryptocurrencies, Real estate and B2B services with EBITDA of 500k+ EUR, in which we can invest between 5 to 15 million EUR.

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Why invest with us?

We do all the work for you. From setting up your account to ongoing rebalancing of your portfolio – so you're always on track achieving your goals. There are many benefits to investing with Voda Profit, but what really sets us apart from our peers is our long term consistent performance.

A long term orientation

As strategic buy and hold investors, we invest for the long haul. we believe that the best managed companies will win out in the end.

Disciplined approach

For us, smart investing involves getting to know you and what you want to achieve. Then we’ll work together to build a strategy to help you get there.


We provide regular, clear, succinct and informative client reports, as well as inviting clients to regular meetings to review the progress of the portfolio.

Professional Services

We are committed to providing highly personalized asset management services to investors seeking superior financial results.

Our Team

The successful execution of Voda Profit’s sector-focused strategy is supported by a balanced team of investment professionals and operating executives.

Financial Planning

Our investment strategy is designed to leverage the firm's deep sector and operational expertise to help investors achieve their full potential